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IO-Link / analog converter
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IO-Link / analog converter

AO I 4 ... 20mA, M12, straight
Art.No.: 5000-00501-2110000
Alternative product:    5000-00501-2300001
Weight: 0.045 kg
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IOL AO-I-STR-4...20 mA-UNI
IO-Link V1.1
Connection cables are in the online shop under "Connection Technology".
Bus technologies
General data
Temperature range -30...+70 °C (storage temperature -40...+85 °C)
Material (housing) Plastic
Labeling Laser labelled
Protection IP65/IP67
Dimensions H×W×D 32.3×77.2×15 mm
Module supply
Operating voltage 24 V DC (18...30 V DC)
Current consumption max. 19 mA
Output filter yes, mean value formation, parameterizable N = 0...64
Type 2-, 3-, 4-wire technology
Resolution (analog) 15 Bit + sign
Over voltage protection 30 V DC
Conversion time (analog) max. 5 ms
Input range (analog) 4...20 mA
Actuator supply UA 24 V DC (EN 61131-2), max. 200 mA
Valency 348 nA
Temperature drift 45 ppm/°K
Accuracy 0.10% (25 °C)
Data width 16 Bit / 2 Byte
Specification IO-Link V1.1
Port Class A
Data format Siemens S7
Operating modes COM2 (38.4 kbit/s)
Cycle time min. 2.3 ms
Mean value filter 1 Byte
upper limit 2 Byte
lower limit 2 Byte
Measured value preset
Diagnostics lower limit, upper limit, over heated, supply over voltage, supply under voltage, defective device, sensor cable break, sensor supply over current, overrun
Analog output M12 (female) 5-pole, A-coded, shielded
IO-Link M12 (male) 5-pole, A-coded
Short-circuit protection sensor yes, permanently
feed back resistance yes, permanently
Reverse polarity protection module yes, permanently
Over voltage protection 30 V DC
Communication status via LED and IO-Link
Diagnostic via LED yes
Diagnostic via IO-Link yes
Monitoring - under voltage yes
Monitoring - over voltage yes
Monitoring - temperature yes
Underride and overrun yes
Monitoring - limit yes
Commercial data
country of origin DE
customs tariff number 85389099
EAN 4048879588225
eClass 27242601
Packaging unit 1.000
Data Regarding Article:
  • Download Data Sheet
  • Download Approval: UL Listed CA 5000-00501-2110000_E201820-NRAQ7_ULC_Z_A.PDF
  • Download Approval: UL Listed US 5000-00501-2110000_E201820-NRAQ_UL_Z_A.PDF
  • Download Configuration Files: IODD 5XXX-00501-2110000_KF7_X_12.ZIP
  • Download Construction files: DXF 5000-00501-1100000_DXF_X_A.ZIP
  • Download Construction files: P8 5000-00501-2110000_P8_2_51.ZIP
  • Download Construction files: STP 5000-00501-1100000_STP_X_A.ZIP
  • Download Document: Installation guide 5000-00501-2100000_INA_X_12.ZIP
  • Download Document: Product data 5000-00501-2100000_PD_X_12.ZIP
  • Download Document: User manual 5000-00501-1100000_HDB_X_17.ZIP
  • Download Information: EU declaration of conformity 5000-00501-2110000_05-06.20_CE_Z_B.PDF
  • Download Information: MTTF Report 5000-00501-2300001_SN29500(40°C)-BERECHNUNGV1.4_MTTF_P_A.PDF
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